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Quindell Orton works as an independent dance artist in Munich, Germany and Athens, Greece as a choreographer, facilitator, and most often researcher and performer, questioning and searching. Approaching the body as a porous, sentient entity that is affected by the environment and society and in turn affects it. Quindell works as a solo artist and in collaboration with others in the field of performance.

Quindell also doesn't update their website enough and questions what story does an artist website try to tell. I think it's more important to tell you what I am busy with, let's have a chat. I am also involved in the Playground artist run space in Munich, I have been working on this recently, Practising Ruptures. And am currently focusing on the construction and reproduction of masculinities.   

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Based in Munich, Germany, Quindell was born in Subiaco/Noongar Land (Whadjuk people are the traditional owners who’s land was never ceded) and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Quindell is interested in the body in context, the body as material the body as a reflective tool, porous and sentient entity. They search for-specificity in the body, how the body can open up realms of association, and is continually searching how their practice actively relates to and can affect change in the status quo. Quindell's work often combines movement, spoken word and sound in this investigation. 
As a performer Quindell has toured internationally (performing at Impulse, Augenblick mal, Reaktor Shanghai, Sommerszene Salzburg, Bipod Festival amongst others). Quindell has worked with the likes of Anna Konjetzky (DE), Superyoutour (DE), Christiane Huber and Lena Grossman (DE), Mortiz Ostruschnjak (DE),  Lee Mingwei (TW), Varinia Canto Vila (CL) and Hauptaktion/Oliver Zahn (DE) Bayerischer Staatsoper and is cofounder of site alternative performance company Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre. Quindell’s work has been featured at the Process Space Art Festival-PSAF (BU), Nomadic Village (UK), You Are Here Festival (AU), Short + Sweet Dance Festival where Quindell was awarded Most Outstanding Female Performer (AU), MoveMe Festival (AU), Springhouse (DE) and CADAM’s HiSTOREy’s (DE).

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