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Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre

WHEN WE FIRST MET is a one-on-one audio guided mobile performance, rediscovering the streets and the significance of shared moments between strangers in the city. The audiowalk, with original text written by Serena Chalker and Quindell Orton, leads the audience member through both everyday and unusual spaces, and encouraging them to view and examine them in a new way. During the course of the performance a fragmented narrative weaves its way through the guide, setting up a ‘relationship’ between the audience member and a single performer, and framing the audience member as one of the central characters in this duet that weaves through the city. You know when you see a stranger again and again and they transition from an unknown entity to a character in your story. When We First Met works with these fleeting moments, intersecting the performers story and that of the audience members. 

This one-on-one audio guided promenade performance reframes the streets as a set: you, a pair of headphones, the city as terrain and the story that unravels.

Created by: Serena Chalker and Quindell Orton (AIVDT)

Performance History: 

11 June 2015 24th Process – Space Art Festival, Balchik (BG)

22-26 June 2015 Water Tower Art Fest, Sofia (BG)

16 March 2016 Noted Festival, Canberra (AU)

15-17 April 2016 YouAreHere Festival, Canberra (AU)

24-27 May 2016 Festival Alternativnog Kazališnog Izričaja, Zagreb (HR)

Development Support: Process – Space Art Festival, Department of Culture and the Arts, FAKI 19

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When We First Met: Welcome
When We First Met: Selected Work
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