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Collaboration with Anna Konjetzky

For the last 8 years I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Munich based choreographer Anna Konjetzky performing in the productions lighting, Ein Bein Hier und Ein Bein Dort, Testlauf, Testlauf-Durational, Wah Wah, About a Session, Running, The Very Moment, Where are we now? and Dive. Assisting for Unstable at the Braunschweig Staatstheater, We Are here and Ground for the Saarbrücken Staatsheatre, A...B, lighting in Poland and with workshop/performance part of the Festival Souar Souar N’Djamena. This on going collaboration is an integral part of my artistic practice and has pushed me to question what is really happening in my body and what do I think is happening, how ambiguities/complexities in the body can open doors for layering and associations and how from a very real starting point in the body, any physicality can be 'danced', articulated, abstracted, pushed. Not to mention the new ways of searching and researching that have been present in our shared work and which continue to feed me generally. This work also brought me to dancer and colleague Sahra Huby who's approach and exchange continues to be an essential dialogue, pushing and expanding through our shared and contrasting approaches, the meeting of a 'what if' approach and a 'it is'.

with Anna Konjetzky: Welcome
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