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Produced as part of Strut Dance's In Short season

A Few Minutes of Your Time is a participatory short work where the audience becomes director, performer and spectator. Occurring in three parts, before entering the performance space the audience are asked to complete a form suggesting small, specific tasks (such as 'something while waiting', 'a big finale') that could be completed without props, by a person of any age and normal physical ability.
Once inside, the completed forms are handed back out to the audience at random. There was a timer/stopwatch projected onto the wall that determine the timings of the sequence. The space is marked with a red cross, green line and blue line, the forms are so designed that the audience is broken up spatially in groups, merges with different groups at different moments, spreads. The actions progress from solo and lonesome to enlisting a stranger to dance with you to a triumphant end. 
While this is occurring, I move through the audience with a hand held camera, recording details of the moments, tapping fingers, a chewing mouth, stamping feet. 

At the end of the evening this is projected on the wall. 
Exploring how we can all choreograph one another but what frames are need to orchestrate this and what it means to be director, performer and spectator simultaneously in the space. As you perform your actions you catch glimpses of your instructions or the interpretation of them. 

In Short, November 2013 

A Few Minutes of Your Time: Welcome
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