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Anything Is Valid Dance Theatre (AIVDT) was founded in 2008 by Serena Chalker and Quindell Orton. It started from the wish to take dance out of the theatres and studio to engage with urban and public spaces, other people, more unpredictability and volatility. To remove one barrier around contemporary dance of the walls of an institution and from the simple inspirations of other locations and settings, what other possibilities they provided and were embedded with. Trying to reimagine traditional barriers between audience and performance through a holistic approach to site/space organisation, sound, light, audience relation and movement. From performances created in laneways, caravans, residential houses and one-on-one audio-guided works, each project is born from the unique settings that the sites offer, making works that are integrally linked to the site they are created.

Life in Miniature
with AIVDT: Welcome
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