Solos for Cadam's hiSTOREy Munich and Cologne

hiSTOREy store stories leads the visitor to vacancies in Giesing, Munich and Sülz, Cologne. In shop rooms, dancers explore the stories of the rooms in self-developed solos.

hiSTOREy searches for empty spaces where there are no more. The project is suited to what, despite all the shortage of space, is also part of Munich's cityscape: temporarily unused shop spaces. The temporary use of these spaces gives the opportunity for an artistic exploration. With dance and installation stories of the store room and the neighborhood are told. Which businesses, people, historical events and curiosities will be encountered? This track follows hiSTOREy.

In 2014 in Munich I worked in an old Schlecker, a bit a sad everything store, the whole chain of which has gone under. Working with this idea of the mundane commercialism with the promoted potential paradise waiting to be unlocked in every product, the store was covered in gold but remained a ghost space of died out commercial dreams. Working with a multiple speaker system the sound roamed the space in a disembodied score of plastic rustles, stacking shelves and price check beeps.  

In 2015, Number 261 is but one of many brownstone buildings. Originally erected to meet the demand for much and affordable housing after the war the local store over the years hosted butchers, leather and clothing, an archive, and now... As its function progressed from inside the body, to the skin, to layers on the body, to its memories and remnants and finally to the intangible voice, its history mimics the development of labour: from hands on work to the mental and vocal. Parallels to societies' relationship to labour and production in a broader sense. I worked with the curated experiences defining our view on fabrication –  on the de-corporalisation of labour. The body, transmitting past and future of the store into its presence. Now the store is to be a piano bar and practice room!

Concep: CADAM
Idea & Artistic Project Management: Anna Donderer
Assistance: David Farkas 
Technology & Light: Jonaid Khodabhakshi 
Artistic project management (consulting): Dominik Müller :
Choreography & Dance & Sound: Quindell Orton  
Set: Theresa Scheitzenhammer 
Artistic Project Management & Dramaturgy: Hannah Schopf 
Idea & Graphics: Anna Wieczorek 

Munich 2014
Cologne 2015


© by Quindell Orton.