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The project NOMADIC ACADEMY deals with the subjects of alternative spaces, free spaces, alternative roads and  border(s) with a focus on evasion, displacement and resistance.
As a center that will be simultaneously educational, communicative and research-based, the NOMADIC ACADEMY will explore these topics under the keywords QUEER and QUER (QUER – a German term which means cross, transverse, diagonally), which will be the starting points for a practical and theoretical research journey; including a wide range of different people, groups and institutions – other artists, communities, students, theoreticians, universities… all testing, thinking and challenging QUEER and QUER. During this three years we will collaborate with three partnering countries: Poland (2019), Palestine (2021) and Greece (2020).
The NOMADIC ACADEMY will each time and in each country focus on the particularity of these places in collaboration with local artists, curators, initiatives and institutions. Thus continuing and expanding the research in order to establish a continuous discourse.

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Nomadic Academy: Welcome
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