The number of possible outcomes of this solo.

Based on the principles of randomisation this short solo uses the roll of a dice to determine the lighting state from 6 possibilities, the soundtrack (ranging from Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart to the Lord of the Rings audio book) and the costume. 

The body is then broken into 6 parts, each assigned with a number (however 6 being ever special as it is means everything can move). The body part that moves depending on the live roll of the dice. Surprising and awkward momentums are created. The body can be challenged and tricked, it is reactive and spontaneous. The freedom of the allowance just to use one or two parts of the body versus the freedom in being able to use it all. 

Discordance and strangely funny beautiful combinations arrive in 216. Like the kids books where you can turn the different pages to make the body part combinations change. How is it to try facilitate isolation but coexistence in one site and one body. There is inevitable resonance and our mind makes a whole complete image out of it even if we know the parts weren't 'designed' to end up together. 

Strut Dance In Short, Perth 2012

Short + Sweet Dance Festival Canberra, 2012

600 seconds, Blueroom Theatre, Perth 2013


© by Quindell Orton.